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timble noise
(Ann Rosén, Schhh Records, SE3JQ12004, 2012)
(Ann Rosén, Fireworks Edition Records, FER 1097, 2011)

krita / chalk 6.56
runtom / surrounding 12.16
fingerborgsbrus / thimble noise 5.11
bladbrus / page noise 8.19
brusspår / noise track 7.40
text / text 12.12
brusblad / noise leaves 15.05

The plan was to compose ZO-2 variations for the open second movement in Zonula Occludens a project were i explore different listening situations.
In the process they grew into pieces in their own right and could preferably be listened to in headphones.
Zonula Occludens or tight junctions are the closely associated areas of two cells whose membranes join together forming a virtually impermeable barrier...
The connection that holds the different pieces together is the noise.

All tracks are composed, recorded, generated, processed and mixed at Schhh studio, VICC and EMS by Ann Rosén. Mastering: Sten-Olof Hellström. Artwork: Ann Rosén



Magnus Nygren

Available at iTunes, Spotify a.o.

Ris och Ros — No Sevice
Jakob Riis och Ann Rosén, Schhh... SE3JQ12002

Thomas Millroth