Ann Rosén

Träffas (Meet)


Resident in 

TRÄFFAS 1983-2003

Ann Rosén & Sten-Olof Hellström
D-Dist an generic sound installation
at Nacka Konsthall, 2003

During 2000-2003 Ann Rosén has been working with Träffas (Meet), with the artprojects three parts Har vi träffats?, Träffas and Träffas 1983-2003 in parallell with the project Tyst ljudskulptur (Silent Sound Sculpture) an artist-driven interdisciplinary research project.

These two projects are very similar in that they both are about meetings as process, method and content but they set in different contexts, Silent Sound Sculpture in a science and research context and Träffas in an art context.

The project Träffas(Meet)2000-2003 is largely concerned with personal meetings and exhibiting sound and has resulted in three

The first exhibition Har vi träffats? which took place in Gävle was focused on individual meetings and reconnecting with the past, the people and the city of Gävle were Ann Rosén went to art school. The exhibition was based on sound recordings from the personal meetings and video material from a street in the city.

The second exhibition Träffas was aimed at public meetings. Ann Rosén created prerequisites consisting of a sound of a marble rolling around in the room, a microphone used by visitors in order to contribute with their own sounds to the installation and a computer to run the process.

The final exhibition in this project Träffas 1983-2003 was developed together with the composer Sten-Olof Hellström. As well as being a meeting between two individuals it was a meeting between two different concepts of sound, the artists and the composers. Every little detail of this exhibition was developed and created in close collaboration between Sten-Olof and Ann. It was a meeting and collaboration on all levels. This resulted in a sound installation where they shaped and structured different colures of noise (noise with different frequency content) in both time and space. Träffas 1983-2001 consists of D-Dist a generative sound installation using a genetic algorithm, computer and nine loa
d speakers.

  © Ann Rosén 2003