Ann Rosén



8/10 - 13/11 2005
Konstakademien / The Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Stockholm


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Anders Alpsten
Bennett Hogg
Gunnel Pettersson
Ann Rosén



Plats schhh... 

Plats schhh… a meeting point and a platform for collaboration where artists, musicians, composers, dancers, researchers, psychologists, architects and others meet the visitors


Plats schhh.... produced by Ann Rosén in collaboration with Fylkingen, EMS/Rikskonserter, ADRA-Art Driven Research Association, Sveriges Allmänna Konstförening and the participants

SCHHH...(exhibition) 2005

PLATS SCHHH... comments 2005

SCHHH... (sound installation) 2005


Mini surround systems with DEPUTY SILENCES and sketches for new Walk in compositions 2005



Plats schhh... took place 8/10-13/11-2005 (sv prog.text)

Program and comments:

Daily lunch events, mini conserts, dance, electronic music, song, performance etc.

Discussions, workshops, seminars and presentations in afternoons and evenings.

5'15'' by Ann Rosén opens the programme every day at 12.30

Saturday 8/10
12.36 Sten-Olof Hellström
Virtual Noise 6'20'' Elektro Akustisk Musik (EAM)

Sunday 9/10
12.36 Ingo Reulecke Intro.
A danceperformance working in dialogue with the soundworks of the exhibition. An introduction to the project Instant which will be complete with a performance and a discussion the 15th of October.

Tuesday 11/10
12.36 Susanne Höglin och Anna Eriksson, Synk – Dance or unsynchronized movement.

Wednesday 12/10
12.36 Paulina Sundin, Utresa 12' EAM

17.30 –19.30 Ann Rosén and Sten-Olof Hellström present the sound installation Rumsliga Tystnader / Spatial Silences. The project was accomplished by support by Konstnärsnämnden. Sveriges Bildkonstnärsfond.

12.36 Jonas Broberg
Buccharellis Lamento 12' EAM

Friday 14/10
12.36 David Stackenäs Bow II

12.36 The Instant Group delivers a dancework, developed during a one week workshop, in relation to the soundworks, the exhibition and to the audience.

13.00 Discussion on the danceproject Instant with Ingo Reulecke, Katarina Eriksson, Susanne Höglin etc.
Due to the large and dance-competent audience, the discussion emerged early in to a spontaneous workshop. Several groups where formed, where different projects and ways of collaborations in the dance field, keenly were debated. Afterwards a discussion followed where among Ann Rosén and Ingo Reulecke discussed possible future collaborations.

Sunday 16/10
12.36 Nordic Dumplings (Anna-Karin Larsson, Elisabet Karlsson) Representanterna på Akademien

Tuesday 18/10
12.36 Rolf Enström
Tjidjag, Tjidjagaise 21' EAM

Wednesday 19/10
12.36 Hanna Hartman
Die Schrauben, die die Welt zusammenhalten” 16' EAM

17.30 –19.30 ADRA – SEMINAR 1
Presentations by and discussion with Arijana Kajfes and Ann Rosén.
Arijana Kajfes: Occular Witness – to see with own eyes. An example of artistdriven research. Lecture on an artistdriven researchproject which took place at Smart Studion, Interaktiva Institutet 01 04.
Ann Rosén: Tyst Ljudskulptur- Artistdriven research. A meeting between art, science and technological development. For further information:
The discussion continued on the meeting between art and science-theme and what happens when you move a laboratory way of working in to the art field.

Thursday 20/10
12.36 twochange – konstnärlig aktivering av mötesplatser (artristic activation of meeting places) Jannike Brantås and Carina Törnblom talk about their company twochange and present the project ”mobil vila” (mobile rest) developed together with architect Andreas Jonasson, Grad arkitekter

Friday 21/10
12.36 Lise-Lotte Norelius, Beepshow

Saturday 22/10
12.36 Åke Parmerud, La Vie Meqanique, 11' EAM

13.00 –15.00 The primitive sense – How the process of thinking can blunt the intellect when the map is considered more real than the terrain. Lecture by and discussion with Susanna Sandström, psychologist.
The way we are thinking is often getting nowhere when it comes to describing our reality. To be able to move on we have to broaden our process of thinking, think in new ways – more intuitive and emotional since there are so much going on in our society at different levels. How do you interpret the reality when there are multiple realities existing at the same time and to that multiple interpretation ways? The lecture resulted in a discussion on the topics: Who has interpretation superiority? When is the map considered more real than the terrain?

Sunday 23/10
12.36 Lise-Lotte Norelius, Beepshow #2

Tuesday 25/10
12.36 Martin Küchen. Saxofon och elektriska fläktar (Saxophone and electrical fans)- a performance with prepared saxophones and portable electrical fans – sounds are created and moves out of and round a silent background.

Wednesday 26/10
12.36 Jenny Sunesson, Död stad, vit stad, 22' EAM

17.30 – 19.30 ADRA-SEMINAR 2
Lecture by and discussion with Peter Bryngelsson, composer and lecturer and Sten-Olof Hellström, composer and scientist.
Sten-Olof Hellström: You see what you hear – acoustic optical- and auditorial illusions. Sten-Olof Hellström talks about and examplifies how different sounds affect our experience of the world.
Peter Bryngelsson: Music and torture – Two phenomenons that often are interpreted as contrasts. One is nice and good the other is injurious. This lecture will show facts on how direct and commonly occuring the link between music and torture really is. Peter Bryngelsson has during several years made interviews with both victims of torture and with those who torture and are now showing the result.
The discussion was characterised by issues concerning how things can be confusing when people are convinced that they have heard something they in fact have seen or how music normally associated with pleasure can be used in the opposite purpose. Other arising issues were how research with obvious good intentions, such as curing of diseases, later have been used to develop bio-weapons!

Thursday 27/10
OBS!!!!! Stängt p.g.a. Schockprisutdelning

Friday 28/10

12.36 Jan Liljekvist, Metal playground

Saturday 29/10
12.36 Erik Mikael Karlsson, Nacht 11' EAM

13.00 – 15.00 ADRA-SEMINAR 3
Lecture by and discussion with the participants in the Tyst Ljudskulptur (Silent Soundsculpture)project:Sven Johansson, scientist at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, Sten-Olof Hellström composer and scientist and Peter Santesson architect.
Sven Johansson: Sounddesign – Engineering. The lecture takes us on an acoustic trip in our environment. Sounddesign or quality of sound has become more and more important for a durable acoustic environment. An improved acoustic environment will not only eliminate sounds but also create sounds that are appealing. Sounds can be irritating, informative and impressing. The right sound in the right environment creates a feeling of well-being, comfort, quality and luxury.
Sten-Olof Hellström: Loud-speaker instead of monitor. A lecture on sonification and soundinterfaces. Do one really have to use graphic interfaces on everything or are there situations when it is better to use sound to visualize and to supply information?
After the presentations the advantages of interdisciplinary projects were discussed and how important it can be to switch perspective without renouncing one’s work-identity.

Sunday 30/10
12.36 Anne Pajunen, Ingenting är säkert... (Nothing is certain...)
A performance or a game or a living installation.
During a few short games, a confusiongenerator equip and rearrange the room and the rooms existing or non-existing sounds. The visitor becomes a part of the game, determinating the nature of the game and functions as an instrument for a musician. Whose voice is heard from my throut?

Tuesday 1/11
12.36 Anne Pajunen Ingenting är säkert… (Nothing is certain...)#2

Wednesday 2/11
12.36 Jens Hedman Relief 11'25'' EAM

17.30-19.30 ADRA-SEMINAR 4
Lecture by and discussion with Jonas Runberger, member of the researchgroup Krets and Peter Santesson, architect.
Jonas Runberger: Development of prototypes in architecture – a researchproject in progress. Discussion on the meening of the prototype as a basis for communication in designprocesses, for production of rooms and as a responsive medium in the experience of rooms.
Peter Santesson: Architecture, discussion and silence. An architectural discussion on quiet and talking architecture with a starting-point from two sketch-projects.
Discussion on what happens when something is transferred from one medium to another, for instance turning a book into a film. Another topic was experienced sound-quality and what silence really means. Issues concerning architecture and sound was keenly debated.

Thursday 3/11
12.36 Zapruda Trio – John Bowers, Sten-Olof Hellström and Simon Vincent.

Friday 4/11
12.36 Nordic Dumplings, Representanterna på Akademien, #2

Lördag 5/11
12.36 Open

Söndag 6/11
12.36 Simon Vincent, musiker, kompositör, DJ. London UK
Proposition – This performance explores Wittgenstein’s concept of a proposition (ein Satz) and its subsequent articulation through the spatial and temporal projection of its constituent materials.

Tisdag 8/11
12.36 Bennett Hogg, musician and scientist. Violin improvisation

Onsdag 9/11
12.36 My little pop group Bennett Hogg, Paul Bell, John Ferguson, Will Schrimshaw och John Ayers, Newcastle, UK.

17.30 – 19.30 ADRA-SEMINAR 5
A public meeting between Culture Lab and ADRA with a following workshop. Lecture by and discussion with Bennett Hogg and Sally Jane Norman, Culture Lab,
Culture Lab was introduced and Sally Jane Norman talked about different interdisciplinary projects she has participated in. Topics: Interdisciplinary ways of collaboration, questions concerning artistdriven research and how to reconcile both disciplinary- and geographical borders.
The following workshop worked as an extension of the seminar-series, where the topics from the seminars could be discussed in a more profound way. Further, ADRA and practical aspects of artistdriven research were discussed. On basis of the exhibition, a shorter laboratory work was accomplished where different aspects of collaborations were

Torsdag 10/11
12.36 Elisabeth Wärnfeldt, sopran och Anna Lena Engström, synt,
– Klassiska pärlor Du möter i hissen, på varuhuset eller som tema i kultfilmen DIVA bl.a. Aria ur Catalanis La Wally, Ave Maria av Caccini m.fl.

Fredag 11/11
12.36 Miguel Azguime, Le Dicible Enfin Fini 8'47'', EAM emsPrize år 2003

Lördag 12/11
12.36 Enschram, Sten-Olof Hellström and Ann Rosén
On the table

13.00 – 17.00 ADRA-SEMINAR 6
Sum up of the workshops and seminars
The sum up of Plats schhh… was carried out by a walk along the notice-board together with visitors at the exhibition, where the documentation of the events of Plats schhh… were presented in chronological order. The participants told each other about the events and used the documentation at the notice-board as an audio-visual material. From a new and a perhaps wider perspective discussions from previous seminars started once again. After several vividly debates smaller groups were formed where the discussions continued.

Söndag 13/11
12.36 Tommy Zwedberg And it killed him twice 10'01 EAM




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